Solace FAQ - Who are we?

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Solace FAQ - Who are we?

Post  Sevi on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:37 am

Q: What kind of guild is Solace?
A: We are a newly formed raiding guild, with focus on 10 man instances.
We want to explore and beat the high raid end content WoW has to offer - but at our own pace, and in a way which keeps it enjoyable for us.
We don't lose sleep over "world first" or "server first", and there is no competition between us and other guilds.

Q: What is your current end-game raiding progression?

Q: What does the history of Solace look like?
A: We're a group around 10 ex-Horizon people, looking to establish our self, our image and ideals on the server that is Ravencrest.

Q: Who is leading Solace?
A: We don't have a guildmaster, we decided to split the task(s) over 3 people, with the rank of Officer.
Tiffani, Seyriu and myself.

Q: How do I join Solace?
A:You'll find all the neccessary information on our application forum.


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