[ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

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[ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

Post  Tentra on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:57 pm

About me
I'm a human named Steven, I'm 19 years old and reside in denmark. I'm doing college at the moment, along with eventual part-time jobs to keep myself going. I'm very open-minded and humor-filled, and like to start meaningless conversations for fun and unity. Smile

Monday-Wednesday from 16:00 to whatever
Thursday-Friday from 14:30 to whatever
Saturday-Sunday mostly always available.

I've been playing WoW since the classic beta on the Korean servers(Which lagged terribly from Denmark) and made my way to today, with only a few breaks. I've had 2 mains in my lifetime. The main I'm playing on now has 108 days of played, 68 days of them at level 70.

Guild History
I've never left a guild before, They all shattered unfortunately. My first guilds were small ones that only did Molten Core, in the really old days. So I find no need to elaborate them. However here's a list of the true raid guilds I've been in:

Oni - Joined in Classic. First real raiding guild. We Took down all the classic raid instances except Naxxramas. Also Played with them for a while in TBC. Shattered shortly after.

Ruin - Joined after Oni stopped raiding. Only lasted a very short time until it shattered as well.

Pariah - Offspring guild from Oni, lasted quite a while, and we took the first few raid instances down before it shattered.

SaH - After Pariah I took a break for nearly half a year. Afterwards I joined SaH. Probably the best progressing guild I had been in so far. We smashed all the TBC raid instances up to Illidan with remarkable speed. But summer vacation took its toll, and the guild shattered. Today I'm still in it, however it's only until I find a raiding guild. Sometimes it's nice to have a chat with the old members who still resides there.

Raid Experience

All raid instances in Classic are cleared. Except Naxxramas.

The Burning Crusade:
Karazhan - Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern - Cleared
The Eye - Cleared
Zul'aman - Cleared
Black Temple - cleared up to Illidan
Sunwell - Not cleared yet.

Introduction of character
Level 70 undead mage.
maxed(375) enchanting
Currently progressing in the new inscribing profession.
Talent is set at 0/50/11

Armory link for the lazy

Explanation for talent spec
0/50/11 is the general PvE lazer pewpew "Fire and Icy Veins build." Can respecc accordingly to guild needs if wanted. But so far, even after the change in talents from the 3.0 patch, I found it to be the most raid destructive build possible.

What my class should do in a raid
Well, this one's easy. The mage has 3 primary responsibilities:
Buffing and decursing
Crowd control with sheep
Shoot magic stuff at enemies for high DPS

Resist gear
I have 2 sets of specialised gear:
A stamina set and a Shadow resist set

The Stamina set makes me reach around 12.5k health unbuffed.
The Shadow resist set makes me reach 190 Shadow resist, unbuffed.

As I wrote before, I have a maxed enchanting skill. I can do all the normal trainer recipees, but nothing fancy or "super" rare yet.. I can link my profession ingame for recipes.

Also I'm leveling up the inscribing skill, hopefully achieving some benefits from it.

Alts at 70
No 70 alts on this server, though a lot in the 50-69 range. In total I have 4 level 70's on different servers, including this one I'm applicating with. 2 of them are Mages, and the rest is a Druid and a Warlock

Why I want to join Solace
I've been looking for a guild, which should dependable and active, with some serious requirements. I would like to see the WotlK content in full, together with a group of like-minded individuals. Hopefully both 10 mans and 25 mans.

Who do I know in Solace
I've instanced with a few of you a couple of times, but not enough to give out names. Unfortunately I haven't been in a guild with any of you before, as far as I remember. But then again, a stranger is only a friend you haven't met yet(Yea, I'm waaay over-optimistic)

Do I accept and follow all of your rules?
Your command is my law, master.

Am I willing and able to read and use your forums daily, as you require?
I tend to refresh forums a lot, so don't blame me if I'm taking up all of the bandwidth.
In short: Yes Smile

Latency on Ravencrest
Remarkably fine. I have a 12 mbit connection, so latency should never be a problem.

Control over playtime
Honestly, my time is mine to command.

Willingness to be a farmer
Muh. Ofcourse I am. Spending time doing monotome stuff is relaxing.

Nothing much to say. Hope you consider me. And I hope everything is readable.
Looking forward to a response.

- Tentra


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

Post  Tiffani on Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:09 pm

Hey Tentra, and thanks for applying to us! Your raid-experience, gear and amount of high-level chars indicate you have a wide knowledge of the game and suggest that you are a highly skilled player. A well-written application to finish the whole thing off with aswel as good gemming (Tho you can lose 1 hit rating gem Razz!).

Accepted, welcome to Solace!


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

Post  Shadii on Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:10 pm

Nice application there Tetra and meaningless conversations are indeed the win!

Your experience seems fine, your attitude seems fine, your english is good too! Only downside would be an unenchanted chestpiece and underenchanted bracers Surprised!

I'm sure tiff/sevi will come back to you very soon Wink

Good luck

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

Post  Shadii on Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:12 pm

Even sooner than I expected 8D

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Tentra mage 70

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