[ACCEPTED] Lugte, Warrior

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[ACCEPTED] Lugte, Warrior

Post  Lugte on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:16 am

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, what are you doing for a living?

Hey! My name is Mathias and i'm from Copenhagen / Amager. I'm 16 years old and atm i'm in uni Smile

2. Please list your playtimes below (in-game time), be specific (e.g. Monday: 18:00 to 02:00, etc.). Do you expect those playtimes to change within the next 4-6 months?

I usually play from 16-23:30 if there's nothing else in my schedule. And if i got something else to do i'll inform my class leader, an officer w/e. And my playtimes might get abit changed abit before summer cause i might go to USA :p but else nop Wink

3. Since when are you playing WoW? What is the /played time on your character(s) ?(Also include played time at level 70 please)

I've now been playing for World of Warcraft for 2-2½ years now. I Got 7 days played time on the warrior im applying with and with my other 70's i got 160 days played. And then countless of alts around 30-50 where i wasted alot of time aswell.

4. What is your prior guild history? What is your current guild, if any? Be detailed please, explain reasons for leaving.

My prior raiding guilds is Logic and RR Inc. Was in RR Inc for around 1 year ago where we we're the leading guild on Ravenholdt. ( RpPvP Server ) I quitted cause of the Raid leaders attitude. Then Logic on vashj (PvP server) which is around.. 2-3 months ago where i left on my Shaman. It "disbanded" cause of lack of attendance to raids and went social
On Lugte I’m in Arise atm. Which is gonna focus on WoTLK aswell, but there’s already alott of “retards” if so to speak in the guild. And the officers doesn’t seem to smart either.

5. What is your past raid experience in WoW?

Didn't raid pre tbc as i mostly did PvP before the expansion.
In TBC i've done : Kz, Za, Maggy, Tk, Ssc, And Some MH.

6. Introduce your character, please include class, level, race, talent spec.

My character is named Lugte which is an undead warrior. It's level 62 at the moment but gonna hit 70 very shortly. I'm fury at the moment but would like to spec Protection in WoTLK.

7. Submit a link to your character profile below, armory one works fine (we're lazy yeah).Try to make sure it contains the gear you'd use for PvE, or tell us something about your PvE gear in case we can't see it on armory.

I assume it's not really needed as it's only 62 at the moment Smile

8. Please explain your talent spec to us. If you're currently specced for PvP, please post a link to the spec you will chose for PvE, and explain that as well.

Just chose a decent spec for leveling

9. Please explain your vision on what your class should do in a raid.

Either dps or tank. Do some stabile tps and have loads of hp. and buff the melee / other tanks with their shouts. Don't know what else to add there

10. What kind of resist gear do you have, for different resist types? Please list your unbuffed resists, in your respective resist gear.

None =)

11. Which tradeskills and gathering professions do you have at 350+? Do you have any rare recipes, tradeskill-related factions?

I'm gonna maxout my Professions before WoTLK which is Blacksmithing and Mining. I don't have any rare recipes.

12. If you have or had any other characters at level 70, please introduce them briefly, and give us a short history.

Got a 70 Hunter i raided with in RR Inc, where i quited cause of irl reasons and some problems with our currently raid leader at that point. Was in the leading raiding guild on the server and became Class Leader 1-2 weeks before i left the guild. Havent really played serious on her for about ½-1 year now. Only chatting on her with old friends etc Smile

Got a 70 Rogue which i did some casual PvE and PvP.

Then i also got a 70 Restoration Shaman where i did the Mount hyjal exp. i got. Also the last character i played "serious" with in 70. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Vashj&n=Shampooh

13. Why do you want to join Solace?

Saw your post in trade about the new guild Solace going PvE and felt like go and make an application.
The officers in guild got previous exp. with leading guilds in end dungeons, which should make it more " possible " to establish a good and end gaming guild.

14. Who do you know in Solace, how do you know them?

None i'm afraid

15. Do you accept and follow all of our rules?


16. Are you willing and able to read and use our forums daily, as we require?


17. How is your latency on Ravencrest? Do you ever lag or disconnect? Do you ever get crashes?

I sometime disconnect but that's very very rare. I've only got like 1 dc in all the time i've been raiding where i could log in again 1 minute after.

18. How much control do you have over your playtimes? Can you sometimes stay up late? Can you arrange your dinner and other obligations before our raid times? Can you raid without interruptions?

Well i eat around 18 which i can't really move. Can play to around 00:00 but can push it if it's for guilds progress and we're just about to kill the boss.

19. Are you willing - and have the time to - to farm faction, resist gear and consumables as needed for our raids, outside our raiding times?

Yep Smile

20. Do you have anything else to add to your apply?

I’ve tanked some Kara, Za , Gruul and Maggy on a friends char so I know how to do a “proper” tanking.

If there's anything i've missed feel free to ask Smile

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- When your girlfriend just wont drop her epic pants anymore Sad"

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Lugte, Warrior

Post  Sevi on Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:33 am

Welcome to Solace.

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Lugte, Warrior

Post  Nayru on Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:15 pm

Welcome cheers

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Lugte, Warrior

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